The COVID-19 situation has affected the whole world in diverse ways ranging from economic implications, lockdown rules to the minutest of situations like the fight for food and other basic amenities. The virus has shown the whole world that corporately and individually we have been investing wrongly. We are investing in war materials, diverse technologies while leaving our fellow humans and the overall society to ruin. This assertion is contextual and different in relation to where you are in the world.

In order to curb the situation, my country (Nigeria) embraced the lockdown rule in most of its states notably (Lagos, Ogun, Abuja). You might say that it is the right thing to do but the average Nigerian citizen will disagree. He/she relies only on his/her daily or monthly salary for survival. Unlike most nations in the world, we have not received social benefits or government intervention funds while staying home and we will not. If you do not work, you will not get pay; companies in Nigeria either are sacking employees or have reduced salaries by 50% or more. That is the situation. This is a big pointer to the fact that a residual income that springs from working online is the only help now. The wise thing to do is to learn global skills so I can leverage opportunities globally.

Udacity gave that opportunity to everyone around the world when it gave a COVID-19 discount to learners to learn job-ready skills and have access to experienced course coordinators and a growing alumni base. I chose the digital marketing program because it offers an opportunity to be an entrepreneur and an employee. It creates a platform that leverages the opportunities that would emerge online after COVID-19. I must say that Udacity has exceeded my expectation in the presentation of its course contents and various mentorship and career-related services.

An advert Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program
An advert Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

Udacity has saved me from this nightmare. I am learning at a low cost and I am better prepared for the challenges after COVID-19. I hope everyone would forget about the situation now, hope for the best and start planning for life after COVID-19.

Thanks, Udacity!!!